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Homewords are removable vinyl tags to label your house. The purpose is to learn the words of the objects that surround you. This product will help you learn new languages in an easy and fun way, transforming your home into a living dictionary.
Each Pack includes:
• 1 set of self adhesive stickers with the 200 words in the language to be learnt, as well as some extra blank vinyl tags for you to tag your own special things. The font, colour and size of these stickers are not intrusive and are big and clear enough to see the words on every object.
• A booklet with the list of 200 words translated in 6 different languages (English, Italian, German, Portuguese, French, Spanish) to use as a reference and to know where you'll need to stick the labels. All this, accompanied with engaging illustrations showing some of the items to be tagged. This booklet is printed on 100% recylcled paper.