Mariona is a multidisciplinary designer that creates a new and alternative functionality for everyday objects. 

Based in London since 2010 but originally from sunny Barcelona, she finds inspiration in every corner of the city.

For example, the inspiration for her Brollymap came while looking for a street on a typically rainy day in Manchester. Both her A to Z’ guide and Mariona herself were getting wet as she tried to hold the umbrella properly in the windy rain. A few months after, Mariona moved to London and after a long time planning, drawing and walking countless miles around the big city, the London Brollymap was born.

Yes, being out and about, a bit of rain, wind and getting lost formed the perfect ingredients to make the clever idea pop!

Fulton Umbrellas, the largest supplier of umbrellas and rainwear accessories in the UK today, became interested in producing the umbrella after Mariona showed them the design. Production started at the end of 2011 and it launched in 2012 at the London Transport Museum.

On the other hand, the Silhouette Vase was inspired by a very different situation – in a very different climate. The idea for this customised handmade product, which we make ourselves with care and love, came while preparing an art installation for the Flower Festival in Girona, Marionas hometown. Surrounding yourself with pretty things like flowers is one more way to get inspired.

There are more products under development all the time. New experiences and crazy moments shake up the special ingredients in Marionas head and ideas keep appearing. So please, keep visiting us; you will find something new very soon.